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We are Lynne and Peter and we are off on another adventure.

Recently we bought a second hand Mercedes Benz bus (28 seater) which we are converting to a motorhome.

Our Story

We are dreamers.  We have been all our married lives.

We have been through thick and thin together, one of the fascinating parts of being married, and recently celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary.

We have been fortunate to travel the world when we were younger (with our children in tow) and meet many awesome people, some of who we still call friends today. 

One of our dreams now was to be living in the country by the water. We have Lynne’s Mum, Beryl (102 as we write this) in Melbourne with Lynne’s sister and brother-in-law, and so this and our own family have anchored us (by choice) in Melbourne since coming back from New Zealand.

Another dream was to see Australia, in a motorhome. Australia is the most magnificent country with so much to see and do. Peter grew up having caravan holidays with his Mum and Dad and three sisters, travelling all over the place. These were memorable times, as they travelled everywhere together.

Yet another dream was to be enjoying life with family and friends around the ‘barbie’ breaking bread together, sharing with others the blessings of life. With immediate family in Melbourne and now Sydney, one travelling all over the country, and friends all over, we found it increasingly difficult to connect. Zoom and FaceTime was our most common medium, but definitely not really same.

So Freeman is an answer to a number of our dreams. The adventure has become real now. 

As we see Freeman transform from being a bus to becoming a motorhome, we will share the journey. Our hope is that it will inspire you to chase your dreams. 

Who Are We?

We are Lynne and Peter and we are off on another adventure.

As we began our conversion we felt we wanted a name for our new home. Lynne came up with then name Freeman.

That name was the maiden name of Peter’s Mum, Carol. She got it from her Mum and Dad (Peter was adopted, twice – stories for another day). If you go back a little the name was assumed by Peter’s great Great Grandfather who was a Swede (named Johannsen) who jumped ship in Perth and renamed himself Freeman.

So Freeman will help us journey into the future as we travel around and throughout Australia and hopefully New Zealand one day.

This is a new chapter in our lives. The following will give you some idea of how we arrived at this point.

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Whose Planet Is It?

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