What do we really know?

There are several in depth researchers that I read.  What Mathew Crawford has highlighted in his post ‘Disturbing Details About Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting’ is actually very disturbing.

I will provide some bullet points from a recent email I received from him. You can read the full article at the link I have provided at the bottom.

  • The number of reporting gaps is ten times larger in 2021 than in years past. Does this represent reports held back or removed? Does this represent the proportionality of mistakes made in filling out reports? Given the messy nature of VAERS, understanding all details and definitions is crucial to making valuable use of the information. What’s the point of a public facing database if the contents are not well defined?

  • It is disturbing to find out that multiple deaths are sometimes recorded in a single VAERS entry, meaning the total number of deaths is not the same as the number of records reporting a death, and nobody in public health seems to care to do the legwork to break reports of death down into cases or investigate them. One VAERS report (#1669577) describes 726 deaths, and another (#1838702) describes 39 patients. So, does 19,000 reports mean 22,000 or 27,000 deaths? What is the actual number?! And why don’t health regulators seem to care to find out?

  • The public-facing VAERS database does not include updates to cases, either. This is the biggest issue in understanding how many patients with associated VAERS records actually died. There are reports from many months ago that state things like “death expected”, but if there was ever a follow-up, the public doesn’t get to know about it.

It is impossible to know what is really happening out there.

From the CDC you can see what is being said is true. There is no follow up so true numbers are not reported. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will see a heading “Reporting Issues:” In that section you can clearly see there is no follow up.


As I have repeatedly stated – We need more independent, in-depth research on this subject.”

An uncommon perspective!


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